32 habitatges a Badia

32 habitatges a Badia

Public competition for the construction of 32 public housing units in Badia del Vallès, Barcelona. The location of the plot, surrounded by high housing blocks -eight to twelve storeys- define the strategy: our building is dividied in two towers, slightly rotaded, in order to achieve better natural ilumination and cross ventilation. That way, more sunlight is reflected on our buidling, avoiding the long shadows of the neighbouring blocks.


CLIENT: Institut Català del Sòl (INCASOL)

PROJECT: Victor Bouman + Enric Rojo

LOCATION: Badia del Vallès

CATEGORY: multi-family housing

STATUS: competition

32 habitatges a Badia

We propose a flexible layout for the flats, thinking of the units as an evolution and reflection of the needs of the moment, as is now teleworking. The layout is structured in three “stripes”, ranked from more public to more private spaces:

  • public spaces -living/dining, kitchen
  • transition spaces -bathrooms, corridor
  • private spaces -bedrooms
32 habitatges a Badia


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